Langarolo apetizer

The langarolo apetizer is done with the best vegetables grown among the hills of Langhe.

Weight: 320 gr

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Langarolo apetizer is the most famous between Piedmontese starters.

The langarolo apetizer is a simple and good preparation that has very ancient origins. Once
it was used to store for a long time the vegetables of the garden that almost all Piedmontese countryside peolple had.

Today the langarolo apetizer has become a typical specialty very much required because it
has fewer calories but it is very tasty and fragrant, a simple and delicious way to eat
vegetables for the whole year, not just during the summer months.

The Dolcepiemonte langarolo apetizer can be enriched, according to the Piedmont tradition,
with boiled egg and canned tuna, it become a hearty main dish.

The whole production process is done manually by our manufacturer according to the ancient
tradition of Piedmontese home made production. We get a product that enhances the flavor of the fresh vegetables.

Weight: 320 gr

Main Ingredients: Green beans, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, onions, celery, vinegar
apples, extra virgin olive oil, salt.

Tip of tasting by Dole4 Piemonte: Piedmontese cuisine has a great tradition in the
starters and this is one of those. Try with olive oil tuna.

Informations about the Manufacturer: All the production process is carried out manually
according to the ancient tradition.

Dolcepiemonte seeking high quality Piedmontese products, the traditional craft taste and
flavors of our region to enable you to taste and enjoy our specialties without leaving your

Dolcepiemonte is typical food and taste from a nord-west region of Italy.


Giovanna 2017-08-24


Non l'avevo mai assaggiato, l'ho ordinato su dolcepiemonte e mi è arrivato subito, eccezionale credo che rifarò l'ordine presto!

    filippo 2015-11-03


    la bontà sta nelle ricette semplici come questo antipasto langarolo.

      claudio 2015-07-22


      io ci aggiungo solo un po' di tonno e diventa eccezionale.

      Complimenti anche per il servizio il pacco Dolcepiemonte è arrivato puntuale e i vostri prodotti tipici piemontesi sono buonissimi.

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        Langarolo apetizer

        Langarolo apetizer

        The langarolo apetizer is done with the best vegetables grown among the hills of Langhe.

        Weight: 320 gr

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